Medicine 2.0’12 in Boston

Is it really almost five months since I wrote the last blog post here? Shows how much time flies, good intentions fly out the window along with the chronons, and generally I have probably been busier than at times it sometimes seemed.

Since the Rutgers conference in Newark in late April, my travels have taken me to:

  • Toronto and Niagara in late April, on the way home from Newark, and a few days oenophilia and indulgence in foodie pursuits with my chauffeur, @ciscogiii;
  • Brussels for the European Summit that IMIA hosted in May;
  • Montreal for the IMIA Board meeting and NI2012 conference; followed by holiday time in Quebec city and then across Canada on ‘The Canadian’;
  • South Africa in late July for Graham Wright’s inaugural professorial lecture; and
  • Istanbul in early August for my wife’s birthday.

And in between, have generally been putting in about 50% more hours than paid for as far as the job goes. And you wonder why I’ve not been blogging? Still, I have a nice backlog of photos to someday sift through and think about uploading some of them ….

This year’s Medicine 2.0 conference is the fifth, and I will have been to every one of them. I am hoping it will be at least as good as the previous ones – each of which has been a bit different, in part due to the different hosts and their emphases (eg Maastricht in 2010 and Stanford in 2011). I am looking forward to catching up IRL with some online friends and colleagues – and seeing if Boston has any decent microbrews…

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