MEI2012 Presentation; 06 April

Today I gave my presentation on “Web 2.0 and social media in medical education” to the MEI2012 conference ( Unfortunately, I was not able to be in Thessaloniki, Greece for the event, much as I would have liked to be there (so, no duty-free for me this time, Scott .. ;-(  ). However, due to the wonders of modern technology – OK, Skype, then – I was able to give my talk. Many thanks to Panos and the other organisers for facilitating this. It was also good to be able to interact with the event through the live streaming that they provided, and through the Twitter stream (hashtag: #mei2012).

While I have been doing conference reports via blogs, and latterly Twitter, for over 7 years now, it was an interesting experience to be sort of on the other end of things. Doing the presentation from home, it was also easier for me to keep an eye on the Twitter stream, and a little easier to interact in that way than if I had been stood presenting at a podium (I have, in the past, tried to tweet while presenting – works better when you are a panel member and someone else is speaking).  The use of social media to provide this kind of real-time interaction with events is definitely the way forward. I know it has been practiced, and I have participated, through, for example the Medicine 2.0’10 and 2.0’11 conferences, it is good to see this interaction – and benefit to the ‘remote participant’ being developed by other events too. The Twitter interaction can also be see by tools such as

My presentation is online at

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