Welcome to my latest iteration …

Welcome to the latest iteration of my ongoing mission, to explore strange new worlds, and keep a personal website something even close to up to date. After several attempts over the past 15 years or so, using several applications (most recently the site languishing for several years on protopage, and getting more and more out of date due to lack of time), I decided it was time to try again. As I use WordPress for a lot of my blogging, it seemed to natural choice.

This site will (I hope, assuming I can keep up the good intentions) gradually be populated with materials about me, my interests and activities, and be a personal, rather than work-related site. it will, of course, link to various work-related site and activities.

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  1. wdr3 said:

    peter, it was great to run into you at himss in las vegas last month. i’m looking forward to medinfo next year. [will ross]

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